Monthly Archives: March 2012

Bike Initiatives!!

The Bike Walk Committee met on March 13, 2012 and we were in attendance!

Here are some highlights:

  • There is a Downtown Dayton Bike Rack Project underway.  The initiative has submitted an application to add 100 bike racks downtown!
  • The Yellow Bikes will be back!  The city will be providing the bikes for community usage yet again and will be partnering with local businesses to keep bikes by their destinations.
  • Bike to School Day will be May 9th.  It is a national event.

Tour de Dayton Update

  • We are dilligently working on finalizing the route and contacting our potential stops.  Be on the lookout for the final route in the next couple weeks.

Take care and enjoy this weather!

The Fabulous 4 🙂

Hello Dayton!

Welcome to our brand new website!!

We are very excited for the upcoming months as we have another bike ride planned for you.

This will be our second annual ride and our team was very encouraged with the turnout and feedback we received last year!

Please check back here for any updates regarding the event.  We are still working on the details but we will be “touring” the city in the Fall.

Get out and bike Dayton!

-The Fabulous Four 🙂