Hello Fellow Bike Riders … Check This Out!

An informative article from the Miami Valley Bike Trail

Dear Miami Valley Bike Trail enthusiasts:
The re-designed miamivalleytrails.org is less than a year old and the site partners have been happy to see the positive community response to the new site. Soon, new Featured Partner and trail-specific advertising opportunities will be available to promote businesses that serve the trails.

Since Tom Recktenwalt generously donated his original site content and the new site was launched in May 2012 over 385 site users have signed up for the Trail Talk newsletter. MVBT has received over 40 inquiries or questions through our “Contact Us” feature, including inquiries from out of state about bike trip planning on the Miami Valley Trails! Google Analytics tell us that the site gets steady regular traffic even through the cold winter months. It is because of this that the Site Partners are confident that the investment in the site will prove beneficial to our agencies and the Miami Valley region.

Keeping a site as far reaching as Miami Valley Bike Trails up to date and relevant is an on-going process. In fact staff at our partner agencies each devote time to reviewing and updating content to be sure MVBT remains a reliable resource for Miami Valley residents and visitors to our trails. In addition, software updates and server hosting costs represent an annual maintenance expense. This kind of upkeep costs money.
For these reasons the MVBT partner agencies have decided to implement a limited advertising program on the pages of miamivalleytrails.org.  We benchmarked other similar web resources, talked through concepts with regional experts, and carefully designed an advertising approach intended to generate the resources needed to keep this site current and useful for our users.

The system in development now will have four slots for “Featured Partners” of the site. Their display ads will appear on the home page and every trail page. In addition there will be trail-specific advertisement slots appearing on each trail page which will be attractive opportunities for trail-side business to attract additional business from trail users. Please be assured that all ads submitted to Miami Valley Bike Trails will first be approved by our local site partners prior to appearing live on the site.  We seek to ensure that MVBT remains a safe and appropriate web site for trail users of all ages. This change to the site is planned for launch by March 2013.

Once these site advertisements have come online, please feel free to provide us with your comments and questions through the MVBT “Contact Us” feature.

Thank you,
MVBT Site Partners

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