Cool giveaways this year

Tour de Dayton is made possible by the support of local organizations who value community and improving the quality of life in Dayton, Ohio.  

This year, we will giveaway the following items on a first come, first serve basis: Tour de Dayton water bottles, courtesy of the Dayton Cycling Club; reflective bike straps, courtesy of the RTA; and reflective stickers for your bike, courtesy of Five Rivers Metroparks.  We will also have a healthy snack for participants consisting of bananas and cereal bars, thanks to Trader Joe’s.

Need a helmet?  Dayton Children’s will be on site to supply helmets and offer cycling safety information.  Need caffeine to get yourself going on a Saturday morning?  Boston Stoker will be providing coffee.  

We value your feedback!  Come back to Washington Park after the Tour and complete our survey for a chance to win some great raffle prizes!  We will be raffling off a NEOLUX electroluminescent jacket, Boston Stoker t-shirts and coffee, and 5 Five Rivers Metroparks swag bags.  Complete our survey, then find out if you’re an instant winner!

We’d also like to thank our financial sponsors – Waste Management, Southeast Priority Board, Meroe Solutions, Agnes Grill, and individual donors – for making our purchasing power a reality.  

Love the ride and want to support Tour de Dayton?  Click here for donation information.


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