Donate for 2015!!!

Love Tour de Dayton? Show your love with a donation and help our grassroots’ efforts continue to grow each year!!! Its Tax deductible!!!

Did you know that the “Tour de Dayton” a free annual community cycling event is totally dependent upon in-kind donations, small and local business contributions, gifts, volunteer efforts and love for biking, the city of Dayton and what it has to offer in its wonderful diverse neighborhoods?

Indeed if you would like to help us continue this annual event that fast becoming a hit, mainstay and a top “ANNUAL THING TO DO” each summer please feel free to send your donations (Check or Money order to):

Tour de Dayton

Care of  Dayton Neighborhood Leadership Alumni Association

P.O. Box 3714

Dayton Ohio 45401

You may make donations at the event as well and all donations are tax deductible and we will provide a receipt unless you request us not to do so.

In the near future we plan on setting up online and smartphone based donation capability at the event each year as well.

PS Send us an email and let us know you donated!!!!



Tour de Dayton


2 thoughts on “Donate for 2015!!!

  1. Clara Jackson says:

    Hi, how far is the ride – typically – if you do the whole thing? What is the typical shortest and longest times to finish? I know it isn’t a race, I am just wanting enough details to entice folks at my church to ride in it this year.

    • tourdedayton says:

      Hello Mrs Jackson I apologize for the late response been busy planning this years cool event….

      The ride each year is about 10 miles long with a large time window for you to take your time to ride at your own pace. How long it takes to complete depends on how much time you spend at the interesting places you will be visiting along the way. If you ride straight through without stopping it would take an average cyclist about 60-90 minutes to ride at the most. If you are stopping along the way it could take up to 3 hours or more or however long you want. It is a casual ride for all levels of bike riders to enjoy. We get all levels each year. That is why we allow a large window of time (9am to 3PM) for participants to ride so we can accommodate all levels and speeds. Depending on what time you start relates to what time you finish. Some people start at 9am some not until 11am. 11am is the cutoff to start for all cyclist to ensure everyone is done by 3pm. and we have water on the route and a free healthy snack for cyclist while supplies last and will probably have a Local Caribbean style food vendor there for you to purchase a meal as well….

      keep an eye on our website there will be a lot of info and updates in the next few days…

      Thanks for inquiring hope to see you there and spread the word it is one of the best kept biking secrets in Dayton but growing fast!!!!!

      Kenneth Arnold
      Tour de Dayton

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