Upcoming 2015 Tour de Dayton Sneak Peak!!!!

Hey Tour de Dayton fans, followers and participants!!!

Here are a few activities, items and places you can expect to enjoy during this years upcoming 5th annual Tour de Dayton…..

1. A Free raffle of gift cards and bike related items during registration while supplies last……

2. Free Bike helmets childrens and adults sizes courtesy of Dayton Children’s with completion of bike helmet safety pledge while supplies last!

3. A few limited rare and highly sought after Tour de Dayton T-shirts cost ($10) please bring exact change!!! All funds going to next years tour fund.

4. Free healthy snacks (Fruit, snack bars, trail mix) while supplies last including water refill stations along the route.

5. Great local food this year for you and the family!!!……

Agness All Natural Grill will be at the healthy snack location selling great naturally cooked Caribbean style (Grilled Chicken, Rice & Peas & Cabbage) Yumm!!!

Check out their site


6. Looking for something sweet during the Tour???? Renaldo’s Bake Shoppe will be one of your destinations as well….

Checkout their site http://www.rinaldosbakeshoppe.com

7.  Interested in Cultural Arts & Crafts and more..hmm check out the sites of these two places you will be visiting….

glass by James Michael & Co


Pat Antonick Heliotrope Art Studio Gallery


See you Saturday and enjoy the Tour de Dayton!!!!

2015 Tour de Dayton Planning Team


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