Thanks for Participating in the 2019 Tour de Dayton!

Hey Tour de Dayton fans followers & participants!

The 2019 Tour de Dayton planning team would like to thank you for participating in another successful Tour de Dayton annual cycling event.

Excited about next year? So are we! The 2020 Tour de Dayton will be Saturday Aug 1st so mark you calendar, save the date & stay tuned for location and tour details here and on our facebook page ( Tour de Dayton Facebook ) in early spring 2020.

Until then be well Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!……and we hope to see you, some more friends, family and fellow cycling enthusiast of all ages out there again next year for another exciting Dayton original cycling experience only on “Tour de Dayton” where “Dayton Loves Cycling!”.

The Tour de Dayton Planning Team




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