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The 2020 “10th Annual Tour de Dayton” Sat Aug 1st ” Has now Officially Been Cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic!

Hey Tour de Dayton fans followers & past participants. We regretfully have to announce the cancellation of the 2020 “10th Annual Tour de Dayton” for the 1st time ever in our history due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and the following State of Ohio mandated Covid-19 public event reasons regulations & requirements:

  1. To ensure the health & safety of all participants from the Dayton Ohio Area, and those who come from various other states each year to participate due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we are experiencing.
  2. To comply with current State of Ohio regulation ban on large outdoor gatherings, events & activities.
  3. To ensure & protect the health & safety of the many volunteers who help & support to make this event successful each year.
  4. To ensure health & safety of the participating “Points of Interest” locations and their personnel located along the tour route.

We are just now announcing the cancellation because we tried to wait as long as possible for a potential improvement in the Covid-19 circumstances that would possibly still allow us to have this years tour but unfortunately the Covid-19 circumstances will not allow us to do so safely.

Tour de Dayton will back again next year Saturday August 7th 2021 for another great tour adventure. Feel free to mark your calendar reminder now to continue your participation in this great local annual Midwest regional event again next year!

Be safe, be well, and keep riding at a safe distance with fellow cyclist. We hope to see you again next year for the 10th Annual Tour de Dayton……Dayton Loves Cycling!

Thanks and take care!

The Tour de Dayton planning team

9th Annual Tour de Dayton Saturday August 3rd (9AM-3PM)

Hey Tour de Dayton fans followers & past participants!

The 2019 Tour de Dayton planning team are just letting you know that this years 9th annual Tour de Dayton is in the planning stages and we will be posting more exciting details about the tour as they become available.

For the first time since 2012 the Tour de Dayton will be returning to tour “Eastern Downtown/Oregon” and some of the adjacent East Dayton Neighborhoods”.

So stay tuned for more details on another adventurous fun & exciting tour and above all don’t forget to set your calendar date for August 3rd for the 9th Annual Tour de Dayton!!!

A Dayton original biking tour experience!


The 2019 Tour de Dayton Planning Team

Dayton Loves Cycling!

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Hello Dayton!

Welcome to our brand new website!!

We are very excited for the upcoming months as we have another bike ride planned for you.

This will be our second annual ride and our team was very encouraged with the turnout and feedback we received last year!

Please check back here for any updates regarding the event.  We are still working on the details but we will be “touring” the city in the Fall.

Get out and bike Dayton!

-The Fabulous Four 🙂