2016 Point of Interest on the Tour!!!

Want to check out the 2016 Tour de Dayton “Points of Interest” on the tour this year?

Check out the details about the great variety of Art, Cultural, Historical, Recreational, Architectural, Service and local business places listed below we will be visiting during this year’s Tour de Dayton while riding through the South East Dayton Neighborhoods of: (University Park, Shroyer Park, Patterson Park, Belmont & Walnut Hills).


This year’s tour features: 3 Women Owned/founded/operated businesses!!!


(Woman Founded) Esther Price Candies – (Celebrating 90 Years of homegrown Dayton Candy making Excellence!) Featuring Samples & Candy making process video for the visitors!

1709 Wayne Avenue Dayton, OH 45410 Phone: (937) 253-2121 Fax: (937) 253-6034

Hours: Mon. – Fri. 8:00am – 5:30pm Sat: 9:00am – 5:00pm



(Historical) Daytons Original Dairy Queen – (Dayton’s 1st & original building/location since the 1948) featuring original historical store memorabilia

1042 Shroyer Road Dayton Ohio 45419



(Artistic Community Recreation) Jane Newcome Park – (Named after 1st Child born in history of Dayton) A Beautiful neighborhood park renovation by the Patterson Park Neighborhood Association featuring incredible Giant Artistic Murals!

Located directly on the new Dayton Kettering Corridor Bike Trail

See Video Clip Link below



(Woman Owned) Patterson Road Art GalleryFemale Owner/Artist Christy Jennewein (She’s showing her own eclectic array of mixed abstract paintings and embellished furniture with a few consignment artists thrown into the mix, offers classes for those interested in embellishing furniture of their own in a intimate setting that shows off her furniture and several unique works.)

WHAT: Patterson Road Art Gallery, Owner/Artist Christy Jennewein

WHERE: 1025 Patterson Road     WHEN: Open Wednesdays – Saturdays

HOURS: Noon to 6 p.m.     INFO: 937-313-9883

Check out this news article link



(Landmark Historical Architectural & Cultural Gem) Belmont United Methodist Church – (One of the Belmont Neighborhood’s Crown Jewels for Historic Church Designs, Interior & Exterior Architecture, Craftsmanship & Community Worship & other Services)

2701 S. Smithville Road Dayton Ohio 45420

Pastor Randy Coleman 937.254.1788 Email Pastor Randy- bumc.dayton.lead.pastor@gmail.com Email Susan, Admin. Assistant – bumc.dayton.assistant@gmail.com

Link Below



(Artistic) Truth & Triumph Tattoo “Belmont Location” – (One the nation’s Top recognized Tattoo Artist businesses check out the webisodes on their site and find out more!!!) Open an issue of INKED, INTERNATIONAL TATTOO, TATTOO REVUE, SKIN ART, PRICK, as well as many other titles, you’ll see an editorial on these guys, an advertisement, or maybe a featured photo somewhere in the issue. These guys are everywhere, and when it comes to tattooing, these guys are on a bold mission to tattoo any and everyone! Contact us today and find out what the buzz is all about! )

613 Watervilet Ave, Dayton Ohio 45420 (937)-258-1410

Monday – Closed, Tue – Sat 12 – 7pm, Sunday 12-7pm

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(Local Neighborhood Food) Angie’s Firehouse Tavern – (Local Neighborhood Bar & Grille restaurant containing “Old Firehouse Ambiance” & great historic firehouse memorabilia!)

703 Watervilet Ave Dayton Ohio 45420  (937)-252-5125

Check out the Facebook Link below



(Health & Fitness) Lohrey Recreation Center – (City of Dayton Recreation Center & Poole located in Belmont Park)

2366 Glenarm Avenue Dayton Ohio 45420

Note (Official Free Healthy Snack location for all Tour de Dayton participating cyclist)

Check out the link below



(Natural Wetland & Boardwalk) Woodman Fen(Five Rivers Metroparks Wildlife Conservation Area “Daytons only Fen!” ) This 33-acre natural area contains a rare groundwater-fed wetland known as a fen. Fens contain thick deposits of peat and support many rare and usual plants, birds and various wildlife. A 1,800-foot ADA accessible boardwalk snakes around the wetland and keeps your feet dry as you walk and observe this natural wonder.

2409 Newcastle Drive Dayton Ohio 45420

Park Hours Apr. 1 – Oct. 31, 8 AM – 10 PM                Nov. 1 – Mar. 31, 8 AM – 8 PM Closed Christmas and New Year’s Day

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(Woman Business) Kenzies K-9 Design – Pet Grooming – (Designer Pet grooming service)

3417 Wayne Ave Dayton Ohio 45420      937-252-9077

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(City Service) FireStation/House Engine #15 – (City of Dayton Fire Station & EMS located in Walnut Hills serving the South East Dayton Neighborhoods)

2801 Wayne Ave Dayton Ohio 45420 (937)-333-4500



(National Historic Register) Ohmer Park House(House listed in National Register of Historic Places in Dayton Ohio/Walnut Hills October 16th 1974) Originally known as the NICHOLAS OHMER HOUSE, 1350 Creighton Avenue. This elegant Victorian home was built in 1864 by leading Dayton businessman, civic leader and horticulturist Nicholas Ohmer. The area surrounding the house was subdivided for residential development in 1889 and called Ohmer Park Ohmer descendants continued to occupy the house until 1990 when it was purchased by  Robert and Lola Signom, who restored this elegant city landmark to its original grandeur. The house was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

1350 Creighton Ave Dayton Ohio 45420

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(Culture)-Gar Drolma Buddhist Center

Gar Drolma Buddhist Center was founded in 2002 by His Eminence Garchen Rinpoche, a high lama in the Drikung Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. The center has authentic Buddhist teachers, both in residence and visiting, who represent a pure and unbroken lineage of Buddhist training.

Our community center is dedicated to sharing and sustaining Buddhist teachings and practices, through the unbroken lineage of Drikung Kagyu teachers—and visiting teachers from other lineages as well. Our doors are open to all who seek a deeper, truer, more significant experience of life—from the general public to Buddhist practitioners of all levels.

1329 Creighton Ave. Dayton, OH 45420 | Directions (937) 252-2220

E-mail: sangha@gardrolma.org



(Recreation & Scenic City Views) Walnut Hills Park – WALNUT HILLS PARK, between Wayne and Buchanan Avenues, was established in  1926 as a municipal park by the City of Dayton. It offers a spectacular view of Dayton and the surrounding area from a recently constructed viewing platform and stage.

2350 Wayne Ave Dayton Ohio 45420 & 300-346 Buchanan Ave





(Historical & Natural) Woodlawn Cemetery – Is one of the oldest “garden” cemeteries in the United States. Woodland was incorporated in 1842 by John Whitten Van Cleve, the first male child born in Dayton. Its Romanesque gateway, chapel and office, completed in 1889, are on the National Register of Historic Places. The chapel has one of the finest original Tiffany windows in the country.

Cemetery Gates Open Daily All Season 8:00 AM        937-228-3221

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2016 Tour de Dayton Route Map

Want to see the exciting interesting route participants will be taking on this years tour through the southeast Dayton neighborhoods of (Shroyer Park, Patterson Park, Walnut Hills, Belmont & University Park) using the neighborhood streets and bike trails?

Check out the route map link below!!!…..

2016 TDD BIKE ROUTE 07-01-16


See you out there where Dayton Loves Cycling!!

The Tour de Dayton Planning Team!!!!

2016 Major Taylor Signature Ride Saturday July 16th!!

Greetings Tour de Dayton fans followers, past participants and fellow biking enthusiast! Looking for ride to do in July?…… Check out this one from the Dayton biking Club Major Taylor……..pass it on!!!


The 9th Annual Major Taylor Cycling Club of Dayton’s Signature Ride – Saturday, July 16, 2016


Greetings Major Taylor Signature Ride Past Participants,  Our 9th Annual Major Taylor Signature Ride will be held on Saturday, July 16, 2016 at the Welcome Stadium Parking Lot D. There will be Adult rides 18, 32 and 62 miles and a Family ride 10 miles. Pull out time for the Adult ride is 7:00 a.m. and Family ride is 9:30 a.m. For more information go to the link below.

We invite each one of you to participate in this worthwhile event. The proceeds will go to the Boys and Girls Club. There will be food, music, children’s rodeo, and an enjoyable time socializing with the Major Taylor members.

Go to http://www.majortaylordayton.org/ to register for the event. We hope to see you there.


Live Well, Ride Free.

Jackie Chase

MTCCD 2016 Signature Ride Registration Coordinator

“Live Well, Ride Free”

2016 Tour de Dayton Online Registration is Open!!!

Hey Tour de Dayton Fans followers and participants want to register early this year for the upcoming 6th Annual Tour de Dayton Saturday August 6th 9Am-3PM touring the south east Dayton neighborhoods of University Park, Shroyer Park, Patterson Park, Belmont & Walnut Hills?

Click on this link below or the registration page above to  pre-register and speed up your  registration process on event day!!!! Online pre-registration will be open until Aug 4th or you can always register the same day as well if you miss the pre-registration cut-off date..


Check out the sneak peak post to see some of the great places we are touring this year before the official route map and press release is posted!!!!

Hope to see you out there for the best free bike tour event in Dayton!!!!!

The Tour de Dayton planning Team!!!





2015 Tour de Dayton Photos!!!

Hey Fans, Followers & past participants……… here are just a few pictures from last years (2015) Tour de Dayton!!!

DSC01942 DSC01943 DSC01945 DSC01946 DSC01947 DSC01950 DSC01951 DSC01952 DSC01953 DSC01954 DSC01955 DSC01956 DSC01959

2016 Tour de Dayton

Hello all you bike fans, followers, past participants and community members!

We just want to let you know the 6th annual Tour de Dayton is in the planning stages and we will be posting updates including this years route on our site here as we go.

The date for this years event will be Saturday August 6th 9am-3pm so mark your calendars. We look forward to seeing you again this year as we explorer a new part of our wonderful city with a new route as we do each year and visit new great points of interest along the way discovering why Dayton Loves Cycling!

This years tour will be taking us on a tour through the south east Dayton neighborhoods.

See you this summer!!

Thanks from the Tour de Dayton Planning Team!!!

Donate for 2016!!!

Love Tour de Dayton? Show your love with a donation and help our grassroots’ efforts continue to grow each year!!! Its Tax deductible!!!

This years Tour de Dayton is Saturday August 6th 9AM-3PM

Did you know that the “Tour de Dayton” a free annual community cycling event is totally dependent upon in-kind donations, small and local business contributions, gifts, volunteer efforts and a love for biking, the city of Dayton, and what it has to offer in its wonderful diverse neighborhoods?

Indeed if you would like to help us continue this annual event that fast becoming a hit, mainstay and a top “ANNUAL THING TO DO” each summer please feel free to send your donations (Check or Money order to):

Tour de Dayton

Care of  Dayton Neighborhood Leadership Alumni Association

P.O. Box 3714

Dayton Ohio 45401

You may make donations at the event as well and all donations are tax deductible and we will provide a receipt unless you request us not to do so.

In the near future we plan on setting up online and smartphone based donation capability at the event each year as well.

PS Send us an email and let us know you donated!!!! tourdedayton@gmail.com

Upcoming 2015 Tour de Dayton Sneak Peak!!!!

Hey Tour de Dayton fans, followers and participants!!!

Here are a few activities, items and places you can expect to enjoy during this years upcoming 5th annual Tour de Dayton…..

1. A Free raffle of gift cards and bike related items during registration while supplies last……

2. Free Bike helmets childrens and adults sizes courtesy of Dayton Children’s with completion of bike helmet safety pledge while supplies last!

3. A few limited rare and highly sought after Tour de Dayton T-shirts cost ($10) please bring exact change!!! All funds going to next years tour fund.

4. Free healthy snacks (Fruit, snack bars, trail mix) while supplies last including water refill stations along the route.

5. Great local food this year for you and the family!!!……

Agness All Natural Grill will be at the healthy snack location selling great naturally cooked Caribbean style (Grilled Chicken, Rice & Peas & Cabbage) Yumm!!!

Check out their site


6. Looking for something sweet during the Tour???? Renaldo’s Bake Shoppe will be one of your destinations as well….

Checkout their site http://www.rinaldosbakeshoppe.com

7.  Interested in Cultural Arts & Crafts and more..hmm check out the sites of these two places you will be visiting….

glass by James Michael & Co


Pat Antonick Heliotrope Art Studio Gallery


See you Saturday and enjoy the Tour de Dayton!!!!

2015 Tour de Dayton Planning Team

2015 Tour de Dayton Press Release

The 5th Annual Tour de Dayton hits the streets Saturday Aug 1st…want a few more details? Then check out this Press Release…


2015 Press Release 7-5-2015


Thanks from the

2015 Tour de Dayton Planning Team

Pamela Ellis, Kumar Marthy, Kenneth Arnold

More fun photos from the 2014 Tour de Dayton!!!

Hey Tour de Dayton fans, followers and past participants!!! 

Thinking about taking the Tour de Dayton again this year? Check out some more of the many photos of the tour participants experiences from last year!….If you were there you may be in pictures!!!!

Thanks from the

2015 Tour de Dayton Planning Team

Pamela Ellis, Kenneth Arnold, Kumar Marthy




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DSCN0760 DSC_0216DSCN0733 DSC_0199  DSCN0599 DSCN0726 DSCN0717 DSCN0694 DSCN0691DSCN0592DSC01333DSC01340