Tour Route Map

Hey Tour de Dayton Fans & Followers The 2018 Tour de Dayton Route Map is Here!

Want to see the exciting interesting route we will be riding through the neighborhoods of Downtown, Midtown & Webster Station on this years 8th Annual Tour de Dayton?

Check out the link below to see the tour



Hope to see you out there again this year where Dayton Loves Cycling!!

The Tour de Dayton Planning Team!!!!












4 thoughts on “Tour Route Map

  1. Dale McClure says:

    Will it be possible to register for the tour ON the day of the ride? My granddaughter my be riding and it would be a late registration.
    Thanks for your answer,
    Dale McClure

    • tourdedayton says:

      Yes you can register online or on the same day of the event. Its free there is no late registration!!!

      thanks for participating this year!!!

      Make sure you bring good weather with you also!!! lolol ha aa aha!!!

      Ken Arnold
      2016 Tour de Dayton Team

    • tourdedayton says:

      Thanks Mr Harvey Daye Jr for being patient!

      We had a last minute entry delay for the route and had to make a few drawing edits but our route map is now posted!!!! Check it out. Tour de Dayton will be part of the VA 150th Anniversary Celebration so we are touring the VA Grounds as well as the neighborhoods. This will be a special big deal for the tour. Feel free to spread the word!

      Hope to see you and friends out there this year!!!

      The Tour de Dayton Planning Team

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