9th Annual Tour de Dayton Saturday August 3rd (9AM-3PM)

Hey Tour de Dayton fans followers & past participants!

The 2019 Tour de Dayton planning team are just letting you know that this years 9th annual Tour de Dayton is in the planning stages and we will be posting more exciting details about the tour as they become available.

For the first time since 2012 the Tour de Dayton will be returning to tour “Eastern Downtown/Oregon” and some of the adjacent East Dayton Neighborhoods”.

So stay tuned for more details on another adventurous fun & exciting tour and above all don’t forget to set your calendar date for August 3rd for the 9th Annual Tour de Dayton!!!

A Dayton original biking tour experience!


The 2019 Tour de Dayton Planning Team

Dayton Loves Cycling!

Follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tour-de-Dayton-Annual-Cycling-Event-959573050872361/

Our email: TourdeDayton@gmail.com


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