About us

What is TdD-Tour de Dayton!!       

An free annual community biking event which started with the purpose of helping Dayton become a more active bicycle friendly city while promoting the diverse neighborhoods, culture and proud history of Dayton.

It allows participants to Tour (Explore) Dayton’s neighborhoods and various points of interest that are (business, cultural, historical, recreational, geographical related or just plain old unique & interesting) along the way by bike.

We promote cycling as a healthy, family-friendly lifestyle activity that improves upon the quality of life in our city.

The event supports improving upon Dayton’s “Bronze” Bicycle friendly status Designation from “The League of American Bicyclist” & the city of Dayton 2025 Bicycle Action Plan, & active health and wellness activity for all Dayton areas residents of all ages and abilities.

We are members of the Neighborhood Leadership Institute Alumni Association.

What is NLIAA-Who are We?

NLIAA-A 5013c charitable alumni association consisting of Dayton residents who have participated in and graduated from the city of Dayton sponsored Neighborhood Leadership Institute Program (NLI) that are taking an active role in improving the community through neighborhood leadership activities.

NLI– The Neighborhood Leadership Institute is an educational experience that gives participants insight into Dayton’s history, its governmental process and the inner workings of its neighborhoods. It is a unique partnership project sponsored by the City of Dayton, Sinclair Community College, Greater Dayton RTA and The Dayton Neighborhood Leadership Institute Alumni Association.


6 thoughts on “About us

  1. Clara says:

    Is this event always the 3rd Saturday in August?
    Our center is considering adding it to our social and green team activities and we are getting ready to prepare our 2015 calendar.
    Thanks much!

    • tourdedayton says:

      Hello! We do not always have it as the third Saturday in August, but it is always a Saturday in August. As soon as we have a date set for next year, we will post it on our website. Thanks for your interest!

  2. I have a few photos from the 2015 ride, how do I get them to you?

  3. Karla says:

    Aug. 3, 2015
    My family and I participated in the tour this year and my husband and I participated in a tour in the past. We were so very pleased with the volunteer support, the rest stops and all the snacks and goodies. We appreciated the bike helmets from Children’s hospital. The tour took us past my home from when I was a child, so of course we had to make an extra stop there. Thanks again for promoting 2 things I love…biking and our city. Looking forward to the tour next year.

    • tourdedayton says:

      Thanks for the feedback glad you enjoyed it hope to see you again in 2016 for another great tour of another area our city its neighborhoods and what they have to offer while biking!!! Spread the word e are back again for 2016!!!

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